Program Management

What is an Aviation Program Manager?

An aviation program manager takes the metaphoric telescope of a project, and zooms it all the way out. As a program manager you will plan projects, assess the cost and schedule, find solutions to engineering problems, and oversee the project from beginning all the way to the end. All of these things rely on the project manager to be well-versed in the financials of aviation, as well as the regulations surrounding air transport. Other responsibilities include recruiting teams for projects, managing deadlines and schedules, reviewing technical specifications, and ensuring that your team finishes the project on time.

How to Become an Aviation Program Manager

It is important that an aviation program manager has a bachelor's degree in engineering. Program managers oversee projects that deal with both aerospace and civil engineering. These would be good courses of study as you may end up with a project like airplane terminals. In addition to your educational qualifications, you also need numerous skills and competencies, including verbal and written communication, analytical thinking, strong leadership and managerial qualities, and the ability to consult with and understand the perspectives of numerous stakeholders. Strong technical design skills are also fundamental for an Aviation PM.

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