Modification Teams

Aeroteams is capable of custom building a team to do modifications on aircraft as needed by our customers. Aeroteams has successfully worked with our business partners to provide teams that can perform Structures modifications, Avionics modifications, and Interior modifications.

For Structures modification, Aeroteams has performed Cargo Door modifications, Wing Spar Repair and Replace on Boeing aircraft, Skin Repair and Replace, Fail Safe and Pickle Fork Replacement on Boeing aircraft, Scimitar Winglet Repair, Frame Repair and Replacement, and other similar Structures projects as requested by our business partners.

For Avionics modifications, we have provided teams to perform Wifi and wiring upgrades and reconfigurations, teams to perform ADSB modifications, and teams to perform KA, KU and Live TV modifications and installs.

Our Interior teams have done work on VIP Aircraft to perform initial tear out of old Interior configurations and install of new VIP Interior installations. Our Interior teams have done Seat track repair and replacements on both Airbus and Boeing Commercial aircraft. Interior teams have also helped with various Galley modifications throughout the years as needed.

The Aeroteams modification teams have proven to be an asset to our customers who have specific projects that need to get done on-time and on budget. When Aeroteams is given lead time of 2+ weeks, we can assess where we are at with current projects and determine if we can move a team who is finishing a project for us to a new job or if that is not an option, we can custom build a new team to perform the required work scope. Aeroteams can provide an “all in” Fixed bid for the project, or if the customer prefers, we can provide qualified technicians to get the job done on a Time and Materials basis. Contact Aeroteams today to see if a team could help you to get your project done today!