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Equipment: HVY
Location: Charlotte, NC

A&P Mechanic
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Avionics Mechanics
Equipment: MAIR
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Sheetmetal Modification Mechanic
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Aircraft Maintenance

Current Career Opportunities

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 4/8/2020  A&P Mechanic

Works under minimal supervision performing maintenance and/or repair within the estimated timeline in accordance with approved documentation, aircraft maintenance manual and industry and/or military standards on aircraft airframe, engines, propellers appliances and parts.

  • Perform inspections, functional checks, and preventative maintenance on aircraft, including periodic, phase, hourly, preflight, post flight, calendar, thru-flight, and special inspections.
  • Inspect and perform functional and operational checks on Aircraft Airframe, Engines and propellers.
  • Troubleshoot and perform unscheduled maintenance, utilizing various gauges, meters, measuring devices and test equipment.
  • Remove and replace aircraft components such as control surfaces, engines, constant speed drive, engine mounted gear boxes, wing fuel tanks or cells, landing gear mechanisms, wheels, brakes and tires
  • Service oil, fluid, fuel, hydraulic, and oxygen systems.
  • Perform aircraft ground handling in accordance with local guidance and maintenance manuals.
  • Adhere to safety, compliance and regulatory policies and procedures.
 Oklahoma City, OK 
 4/8/2020  Avionics Mechanics

Works under minimal supervision on removal and installation of Avionics and Electrical Components. Fabrication, termination and continuity checkouts of Aircraft Avionics and electrical Systems, performs operational checks, troubleshooting and rectifications on such systems.

  • Remove/install electrical and avionics components, fixtures, associated equipment and wiring
  • Ability to read and interpret wiring diagrams, schematics and engineering blueprints
  • Complete tasks assigned within allotted time frame
  • Properly utilize and understand basic hand tools and avionics equipment i.e.: multimeters, avionics testers, crimpers, stripers, etc. to perform wiring duties
  • Perform operational and functional checkouts of Avionics and Electrical Systems
  • Perform troubleshooting and rectify Avionics and Electrical Systems
  • Adheres to safety, compliance and regulatory policies and procedures
 Oklahoma City, OK 
 4/8/2020  Sheetmetal Modification Mechanic

We are searching for Sheetmetal Mechanics for work in Oklahoma City, OK. Duties will include: inspect, repair, and replace complex aircraft structures and components using tools such as shears, sheet metal brake, rivet gun, drills, and other aircraft  specific tools.  Structural repair and modification experience are preferred.  All candidates must have 4+ years of Sheetmetal experience on any type of fixed wing aircraft.   Positions will last 6+ months and could lead to direct employment.  Candidates must be shift flexible.  Candidates must be very comfortable reading blueprints.    Candidates must be a U.S. citizen.

 Oklahoma City, OK 
 3/10/2020  Lead Technician

Looking for Lead Technicians with 777 experince and an A&P license .  Work will be on a heavy C-check in Texas.  High pay, great opportunity!

 Forth Worth, TX 
 2/17/2020  A&P Mechanic

Skill: A&P Mechanics

Duration: 6+ months (open ended)

Location: Charlotte, NC

Aircraft: Boeing aircraft


Must be able to perform A&P work as it relates to fuel tank maintenance. Must be able to use the FAA approved data proficiently (ie IPC, M/M, OHM, SRM).  Must be able to perform excellent quality work.  Document maintenance performed on required forms.  The majority of the work is done on 3rd shift and candidates will be on call.

 Charlotte, NC